Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got this from Tomi in Croatia. He got me started this blog and my cover collection.
I love the stamps showing colorful fabric, they are very beautiful.

South Korea

I got this from my penpal, Ritda. Thank you very much!

South Korea

A postcrosser living in South Korea sent me this postcard with lots of stamps.
The blue stamps are the usual ones, but I have never seen the bug stamp.
Thank you!


This is actually the back of the envelope.
Daiwei from China put many stamps on it, thank you!
I especially wanted the Sea weed, shell, shrimp, and the fish ones. Sea life!


This beautifully decorated envelope was sent to me by Sofia from Greece.
I love the food stamp!

To begin with

I have always been a stamp collector, but not a fanatic one.
Recently, I have found a way to mix both my philatelic hobby and penpal-ing hobby - that is, collecting covers.

I am looking for a square envelope with at least 3 stamps on it.
Envelopes could be white, yellow, green, whatever you wish, but please use real stamps.
I will be happy to get a request from sincere people who do not cheat. Let's play fair.